Case Studies

Reverse engineering and manufacture of hard to obtain classic car parts

CEW was contacted to reverse engineer and manufacture hard to find components for a classic BMW which had broken during shipping from overseas.

The owner provided the broken component and from there the part was redrawn in CAD. The broken (missing) section was drawn as a best guess and then an initial prototype was 3D printed for fit-checks inside 48h from the provision of the broken component.

The 3D printed component was returned to and assessed by the owner, fit notes were provided back to CEW and the second 3D printed prototype was provided for confirmation.

With the fit confirmed the final parts were made from machined from delrin to provide strong and durable replacement components.

Rapid Fabrication of Formula 3 drag links

CEW was contacted to manufacture some Formula 3 rear wing supports for a Dallara F311. Contact occurred mid week and customer required an initial batch of components by the weekend in time for a race.

We had none of the required thickness, commercially manufactured carbon sheet on hand, so a 2mm layup was made, allowed to cure and then the first two parts (one set) were manufactured from this local layup.

This first pair were provided to the customer in time for the race weekend, allowing the car to compete in that round.

While the first pair were being manufactured carbon sheet was ordered and on arrival the sheet was cut to shape then the four remaining parts were provided to the customer. With this two stage manufacturing process the customer was able to get the parts they needed in the time they needed, while also maintaining a cost effective solution.